Creative Content Production


Quality content is cornerstone to any digital marketing strategy. It’s important for any online presence to have access to quality content in line with their branding.

Of all content types, the most valuable is *Original Content*

Prospects are bombarded with content that has been curated, rehashed, and reposted.

Original Content is expensive, though, and there is no guarantee that it will be effective at driving goals. There are risks of being perceived as out of touch.

Besides the damages to your brand, purely curation driven strategies bore prospects.

Some marketers suggest a 60/40 split curation to original content. This is a good guideline, though more original content is always ideal.

There is still the risk of that 40% - you spend a lot to get original content, not to mention the hours worked getting the artist, payment, and timeline down.


This is the part where lots of agencies tell you that you should just get creative and follow your gut. They make a lot of assumptions about your prospects and what interests them through visual media that prove unsuccessful.

Surveys give different results than asking someone to exchange real money. Asking people what they like in a vacuum won’t give you the information you need to design a sound content strategy.

A lot of the time, marketers have to tell their clients some made up reason for an ads failure. It’s not because they want to lie, or because they need to mislead the client. It is just because “I don’t know” isn’t a good enough answer.

Instead they give answers that come from their gut. Gut answers are often wrong.

Our team wasn’t satisfied with a lot of what we saw driving content strategy. We find gut feelings unsatisfactory. We wanted to learn how to *know* what effect a creative decision has on an ads performance.


Gathering a team of marketers, artists, and engineers, we devised a new method of creating. We call it: “Observation Based Creation”

This is our process:

Untitled Diagram3.png