Growth through merchandising….

Music (art) is highly competitive. it is a VERY crowded industry. The odds of an artist breaking out is low. Advertising in the music industry is expensive, and it is uncertain that you can get the level of exposure you want effectively. There are two ways things can go. Either you made into the deep, crowded waters, or you find another way. Airhead has found another way. By merchandising, you turn your fans into ads. By wearing your merch they become talkative billboards. People ask about interesting, creative designs. Thats a key opportunity to gain exposure. Usually you pay for exposure, with merch your fans pay you.

Merchandising used to be hard. you had to find designers, suppliers, warehouses, ship the goods yourself, or find some way to hire the hands to help.

With Airhead, this is not a problem. we have experienced, talented engineers and designers dedicated to realizing your potential. If you have original designs- we can test- validate, and get the designs online. If you need designs, our in house artists are at your disposal, they love what they do, and you will too when you see their work.

Once we have your designs, created a webpage for you, and hooked you up to our analytics we can operate and fulfill your merch operations from the ground up.

Every two weeks we cut you a check and your life stays uncomplicated.

Not even an Airhead can mess that up.

With our resources and your following, your fans will love you , they’ll love your merch, and they will LOVE talking about you. We look forward to hearing from you.